Mindful in Love offers insights and practices to guide you in becoming more open to receiving and giving love. These practices based in mindfulness aim to support you and other like minded individuals on a journey towards greater awareness, compassion, and understanding. Together, let's work to build more meaningful and long lasting connections, no how big or small, near or far.  

Mindful in Love practices are for every mind and every body, but are sensitive to those with anxiety-based conditions. They honour the roots of mindfulness and yoga, while leveraging insights and research based on cutting edge science.


Disclaimer: Mindful in Love is not meant to replace professional therapy, but may serve to educate, inspire, and support you along the way.



Compassion - Curiosity - Community - Connection

Together let's:

  • Rewire our brains with more compassion and understanding

  • Change our relationship with ego, judgement, and fear and lean into discomfort

  • Tailor our healing to where we are right now

  • Use community and connection to accelerate our transformation